• "Circuliez y'a rien à voir" @ Urban screen Manchester, 2007

  • "Circuliez y'a rien à voir" @ Urban screen Manchester, 2007

Circulez y’a rien à voir is a sound and image interactive installation in public space, conceived to be set up in a passing by area such as a shopping window in a street. The english translation of the title could be : “move along now, there’s nothing to see”, something policemen say to scatter people away.

The installation is a kind of a surveillance device that allows the passer by to generate images and sounds by his mere moves in front of the projection space. The movements of the people, captured by a camera are converted into graphic patterns and sound modulations. If nobody is passing by, there is no sound nor image.

Every visitor can, as one pleases, roam, dance, stamp, run, or simply wave the hand and experiment his own way of activating images and sounds.

"Circulez y'a rien à voir" @ "+/- l’Epicerie" - Paris, 2001 - curator : Leonor Nuridsany


The original installation programing had been developped by C.B. with NATO.0+55+3d (now a media archeology curio).

The installation received an honorary mention in 2003 at Transmediale festival in Berlin and in 2004 at Filmwinter and Expanded Media Festival in Stuttgart .


The installation was first shown in Paris december 2001 in the shoping window of a grocery, within the collective exhibition "+/- l’Epicerie", curator : Leonor Nuridsany.

Then it has been show in many different contexts :
- in the shopping window of a web coffe shop in Potsdamer Straße 2/ Berlin-Mitte,Transmediale festival 2003,
- in the SAT window (Saint-Laurent street) in Montreal, during 2003 FCMM festival,
- in the former IKEA window at 2004 filmwinter festival in Stuttgart,
-in Strasbourg Ososphere festival, October2004,
- in the window of O3ONE gallery window in Belgrade, Dis-Solutions / Dis-Patch festival october 2004
- in the window of ARHITEKTUURI- ja DISAINIGALERII Pärnu mnt. 6, Tallinn Estonia February 2005
- in the window of Galería ARTCO Lima Peru - VAE festival August 2005
- in the Culture Space in the Cannebiere street in Marseille Festival RIAM November 2005
- 2006 Ekaterinburg (RU) 24- 28 May 2006
- Urban Screens Festival Manchester UK 11-14 octobre 2007