• "Dire et Faire", 2 embroideries, 2020

  • "Dire et Faire", embroiderie, 2020

Two sentences reflect each other like in a mirror and display two statements about verbal and non-verbal language. The first one: “To say is to do” refers to the theory of language acts developed by the British philosopher John Austin in 1955, in his series of conferences How to do Things with Words. John Austin highlights what he calls the performativity of language, i.e. the fact that language has an action on reality. We experience in our daily lives that some words hurt, some words can change the course of a life: “You are fired”, “I declare you married”… The second sentence “To do is to say” refers to non-verbal communication and means any exchange that does not rely on words, but on gestures, attitudes, facial expressions, dress, posture, as well as other signals, conscious or unconscious, such as the environment in which the interactions take place.


Dire et faire de Cécile Babiole (2020)
Two framed embroideries, 22 x 31 cm each
Cotton thread on  "Aïda"canvas


Acquisition of the Abbaye de Maubuisson (2021)