• Festival Modulation en zone pavillonnaire (2017)

 I’m sitting on a rock est un remake de la performance I Am Sitting In A Room de Alvim Lucier dans le dispositif de diffusion longue portée des trompes géantes de l’amphithéâtre du Fay près du Saix 05400 – Festival Modulation en zone pavillonnaire.

Texte dit par Cécile Babiole pendant la performance


I’m sitting on a rock

I'm sitting on a rock, 
in the mountains,
performing a cover of a celebrated piece 
entitled : "i'm sitting in a room", by composer Alvim Lucier.
I'm sitting on a rock, 
near a farm called  « La Ferme du Faï », 
in the Gouravour canyon, in the « Hautes-Alpes »,
within  the « Modulation en zone pavillonnaire » festival.
The sound of my speaking voice
is being recorded and is going to be played back, 
again and again,  
through gigantic horns.
These huge horns project the sound to the cliff 
on the opposite side of the valley, 
and generate large echoes.
At the same time, 
the recorded sound is being broadcast
from the festival radio station 
to the portable radios that the festival participants carry and listen to,
in the surrounding meadows, within a one kilometer radius.
The repeated echoes from the cliff, 
a natural echo chamber, 
mixed with the frequencies broadcast by the orchestra of radios, 
feed each other and re-inforce themselves 
so that any semblance of my speech is destroyed. 
What you will hear then 
is a spiral of looping feedbacks, 
mirroring  one another.
I regard this activity, 
not so much as a demonstration of  physical facts, 
but more 
as a way to explore 
the musical metamorphosis of my speech 
in this very unusual, powerful and 
hyper resonant space.

Environ : 3'45''




Festival Modulation en zone pavillonnaire.

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