• "Incessamment" @ Artco - Lima, 2005

Incessamment is a sound and video installation and performance about time and space representation.

Far from the globalized, standardized cities as shown by web cams or 24 hour info-TV channels, I propose a singular, personal, peculiar vision of urban landscape with surround sound and fast motion, where the movement of cars, people, cranes and boats generates visual rhythms and melodies.

For Incessamment, I collected images and sound samples captured in various cities. I’m not looking for exotic or famous spots. On the contrary, i’m looking for daily, slightly odd situations. For example : staccato comings and goings in front of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal, smoke arabesques of a factory in Brooklyn, a hyperactive krane in Montmartre, a storm on a business center, swimmers shouting and playing in the tides of a resort…

These samples form the raw database that I use for the installation and performance.




This project received support from DICREAM (French Ministry of Culture) in 2004.
Real time multichannel panning software application using wacom tablet as interface written in Max/MSP by Fabienne Serrière


- Dec 2004, Planétarium in Poitiers Espace Mendes France "Incessamment" was shown as a performance.
- Fev 2005 ARHITEKTUURI- ja DISAINIGALERII Pärnu mnt. 6, Tallinn Estonia CCF
- Aug 2005 Alliance Francaise Arequipa Peru
- Aug -Sept 2005 Galería ARTCO Lima Peru VAE festival
- le 13 decembre 2007 Festival internumérique - Base sous-marine de Lorient
- 30.09 - 01.10 2005 Strasbourg Festival Ososphere Projections through the windows of a train.
- Nov 2005 Buyself Gallery Festival RIAM #2 Marseille
- 13 December 2007 Festival internumérique Submarine base of Lorient, France
- 22 may 2010 Vision’R Festival at centre Mercoeur Paris France
- 5 Nov 2010 Plateforme Paris France