• Sensors Sonics, Sights


Cecile Babiole, Laurent Dailleau, and Atau Tanaka create together a dynamic sound/image environment. S.S.S is a trio performing visual music with sensors and gestures. They create a work of sound and sight, a laptop performance that goes beyond with the intensity of bodies in movement. Going beyond media : music that is more than a soundtrack, images going further than video wallpaper. A three-way conversation modulating sonic and luminous pulse and flow.

Sensors capture gesture and corporeal movement, translating them into digital data :

Ultrasound sensors measure the distance between the performer’s hands and her machine, allowing her to articulate 3D imagery, navigating in color, scale, texture… The Theremin, historical electronic instrument invented in 1919, an oscillator responds to perturbations of electrostatic fields based on the distance of the hands and body to the instrument… The BioMuse places gel electrodes on the performer’s forearms, analyzing EMG biosignals. Muscle tension through concentrated movement allows the musician to sculpt sound synthesis. S.S.S’s singular approach brings them to present their work in a wide range of contexts in music and the digital arts. They are equally at home performing in galleries or underground spaces, in arts centers or research laboratories.

SSS @ Radio France, Paris, 28 jan 2009, video Sylvain Huet


29mar2008 Sk-Interfaces FACT , Liverpool, United Kingdom
22mar2008 - Electron Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
21dec2007 Live !IXEM Festival, Palermo, Italy
07jul2007 5DAYSOFF Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
03jun2007 New York Electronic Art Festival, New York, USA
12may2007 SPOR Festival, Aarhus, Denmark
14apr2007 DEAF Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands
28oct2006 Cité de la musique/Musée de la musique Paris, France
12oct2006 Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland
24aug2006 - WAVES - Riga, Latvia
15jul2006 - Digital Art Week - Zurich, Switzerland
20jun2006 - Centre Culturel Français - Arequipa, Peru
09jun2006 - VAE10 festival - Lima, Peru
06jun2006 NIME, IRCAM, Paris, France
31may2006 Festival MUTEK , Montréal, Canada
18apr2006 Mal au Pixel , Institut Culturel Finlandais, Paris, France
25feb2006 Making New Waves ,Budapest, Hungary
28oct2005 Lieux Communs Instants Chavires, Montreuil, France
30sep2005 ‚ Disquiet Festival, 21Grand, Oakland, California, USA
27sep2005 ‚ Medi@rte Festival, Monterrey, Mexico
23sep2005 Les Chants Mecaniques Festival Festival, Lille, France

27aug2005 ‚ Numusic Festival, Stavanger, Norway
05apr2005 - Toneelschuur - )toon) festival, Haarlem, Netherlands
31mar2005 - Fragment/Faux Mouvement- Theatre de Saucy, Universite de Metz
18dec2004 - Palais de Tokyo - EMF10th Anniversary, Paris, France
26nov2004 - Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux, France
2nov2004 - iMAL Infiltrations Digitales, Brussels, Belgium
02oct2004 - Nuit Blanche with Sensorband and Kasper Toeplitz, Paris, France
05sep2004 - Sony CSL Paris Symposium, Paris, France
18aug2004 - Club BonBon, ISEA, Tallinn, Estonia - with support from AFAA 2004
19jun2004 - Sonarama - Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain
17jun2004 - Panorama5, Le Fresnoy, Lille, France
04jun2004 - Submarine Base, Bordeaux, France
27may2004 - Festival Musique Action, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France
23apr2004 - CCNRB, Rennes, France
30jan2004 - Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany
17jan2004 - Filmwinter17, Stuttgart, Germany
10jan2004 - Les Subsistances, Lyon, France
26sept2003, 15:30 - Amphi X - Univ Paris 8 - St. Denis - H2PTM03
24sept2003, 20:30 - Les Voutes - Paris, France