• "The way you walk" @ Public - Paris , 2002

The Way You Walk invites the spectator to distort pop videos (image and sound) by roaming in front of the space of projection. It is a anti-pop installation. The movements of the spectator, captured by a camera are converted into controllers of the speed and resolution of the movies. Each viewer can slowly walk a centimeter at a time, stamp his feet, run forwards, backwards and experiment his own way of distorting, stretching the video sequence in a rough style every time renewed.

"The way you walk" @ Public - Paris , 2002


- within "SIGNAL > GESTE" exhibition at Public (ex) artist run gallery in Paris en February 2002,
- in la Chapelle de Ronceray, Angers- France May 2002, within the exhibition “l’Art du Mouvement”,
- in "Mediator" Perpignan - France February 2003,
- in la Maison Populaire of Montreuil - France, March 2003,
- in La Motte Servolex - France, January 2004,
- in Montpellier within festival  ISI, Rencontres d’arts numériques, August 2011.