SOUND — 2015

07.02.2022  > 30.06.2022 at Fondation Robert de Sorbon, Paris, "TransmissionS" exhibition, curated by Natacha Duviquet-Seignolles

  • "DISFLUENCES", 2015

  • "Disfluences" @ UQAM Galery, Montréal, 2022

  • Disfluences, @ Cabinet de curiosités des langues de France, Orléans, 2015

Unlike written language, our spoken language is sprinkled with brief hesitations and false starts, repetitions, long-drawn-out syllables and fillers that interrupt the fluidity of speech. These discontinuities are called “disfluencies” or “disfluences” in French. Their function is to make listeners wait while the speaker elaborates his or her discourse, they reflect emotion, stress, as well as the speaker’s sociological profile. . . . The video Disfluences, based on an interview with Olivier Baude from the research group Laboratoire Ligérien de Linguistique, is an opportunity to focus on these largely unexplored and meaningful facets of spoken language.

Video duration : 8’30’’

Disfluences, 2015


Curator : Labomedia/p>

Special thanks to Olivier Baude and Athéna Dupont.


>>> 11.02.2022  > 09.04.2022 at Uquam gallery, Montréal,  "DataffectS" exhibition, curated by Nathalie Bachand

>>> 04.07.2018  > 08.07.2018 "Language  and digital" curated by DGLFLF and Labomedia at Folie numérique, Parc de la Villette Paris

>>> 02.06.2017 > 22.06.2017 at Espace Jean- Roger Caussimon Tremblay-en-France

>>> 28.02.2017 > 24.03.2017 within the exhibition Cabinet de curiosités des langues de France - 2 at Orléans university.

>>> 06.11.2015 > 22.11.2015 within Cabinet de curiosités des langues de France - 1 exhibition in Orléans theater.