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This exhibition develops as a reflection from Marcel Duchamp’s Chocolate Grinder, an emblematic work that prefigures a contemporary way of conceiving all things, tangible or intangible, as a set of discontinuous elements, particles.

From the invention of concrete, to the recycling of materials, to cooking or digital data, granularity is at the heart of our relationship to the substance, until it becomes a paradigm of information and knowledge considered as a vast database consisting of a mass of micro “grains” of information.

This granular state of matter involves specific processes, namely: fractionating, mixing and shaping. For example, gypsum is reduced to powder and plaster is obtained, then mixed with water to mold or shape it to produce a new solid form. Similarly, information, reduced to elementary units (expressed in 0 and 1), is processed by programs to produce new entities (texts, images, sounds).

The exhibition is based on these processes and proposes a selection of works, all of which have, in one way or another, granular properties.


Le Bel Ordinaire


Refik Anadol, David Blair, Sylvie Bonnot, Jean-Marie Boyer, Paul Destieu, Marie Fabre, Julie C. Fortier, Lia Giraud, Caroline Corbasson, Pierre Malphettes, Claire Malrieux, Stéphane Degoutin et Gwenola Wagon, Stefan Shankland.